Little Chefs in the Making

23 Mar Little Chefs in the Making

Cooking classes for the kiddos… what a concept!  This past weekend my little one was invited to partake in a cooking class with her bestie.  At first, I had my doubts since my mini sous-chef usually prefers playing with food rather than cooking it.  But as she prepped for the class, I could see her excitement and my doubts were quickly replaced with curiosity of what this little adventure would bring.  I’m happy to report we were not disappointed.  They had such a great time being involved in the preparation of their own meal, that they were willing to try things they would not have otherwise given a chance.  Not to mention, all the food they prepared was made with all natural and healthy ingredients.  What’s not to love about that?!  Especially since this momma has been working hard to get her little one to make better food choices.   All in all, the class was a success and I highly recommend it.  For more information on classes and recipes check out The Real Food Academy.


My little chef is eager to get started.


Working on her slicing and dicing.


Showing off her new skills.


Adding delicious toppings to her pizza.


Prepping and mixing a tasty dessert.


A class full of future chefs.


Lunch is served!


Time to taste her creations.


Indulging after all the hard work.


Posing with Chef Maria.


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