Add Some Flare to your Style

25 Feb Add Some Flare to your Style

70sFlare- celeb

When it comes to jeans my motto has always been “One can never get enough”.  This is apparent every time I open my closet and see the countless denim meticulously organized on the shelf.  With each season and trend, I’ve added to my growing collection and find it’s hard to say good-bye to styles from the past.  But with my limited space and uncontrollable obsession, I must make room for more!

This time around I’m looking to add some 70’s Flare to my stash.  In case you hadn’t heard, this popular trend from the past is back and in full affect.  And naturally, as a fan of all things denim, I cannot resist being a part of the buzz.  But really, what’s not to love about this classic look?  It’s slimming and extremely flattering on all body types, and for a Latina with hips, I am all down for that!  Why not consider adding some Flare to your life by giving some of these a try?  Your closet will thank you!



1. GAP 1969 Authentic Flare Jeans, $49.99

2. NY&C SOHO Jeans- Braided High-Waist Flare, $29.00

3. EXPRESS Mid Rise Sailor Flare Pants, $88.00

4. H&M Shaping Flare Jeans, $29.99

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