My Not So Normal Thanksgiving


26 Nov My Not So Normal Thanksgiving

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything, so what better day to check-in than on Thanksgiving.  To say that things have changed is a huge understatement.  To be honest, getting used to this new “normal” is much harder than I thought.  Knowing that he isn’t on this Earth anymore still seems so unreal.  For those that may not be aware of what I’m referring to… My hero. My partner in crime. My brother… passed away on October 1st, 2015.  To quote Franklin Rooselvelt “A date which will live in infamy” for my family and I.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. Though we didn’t speak everyday due to the ins and outs of daily life, just knowing that he was around always made me feel safe. Not sure if that makes sense but he was the one that always took care of me, of all of us really. I knew that if I ever needed anything or simply wanted a good laugh, he was just a phone call away. But now, there is no one at the end of that call. No one to understand me and laugh at all of my annoying hilarious jokes. No one to reminisce about all the times we drove our mother mad. No one to let me pick on them and take it like a real man. Yes, that was the type of relationship we had. I miss him so much but am so grateful for the years, though cut short, that I did have with him.

And on this special day, I want to take the time to appreciate all the special blessings in my life. Instead of focusing on the loss and what I don’t have, I want to be grateful for the abundance of God’s grace in my life. Best part is that one day I will see him again and we’ll get to laugh together for eternity. So until then, I’ll live the life I was blessed with and continue the legacy he left behind. This is not a good-bye, rather a see you later little bro.

And to the rest of you, enjoy your loved ones and let them know how special they are in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving from mine to yours!






  • Carmen
    Posted at 09:16h, 27 November Reply

    What a beautiful post. He will always been with us and it’s exactly how you say…’s a “see you later.”

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