Tips for Traveling with Kids


15 Jul Tips for Traveling with Kids

Contributed by Liz Dela Nuez

My husband and I both have always enjoyed traveling together, however after having our two kids we just figured that it may be too much trouble taking the kids on long trips with us. We haven’t really taken any long vacations or gone on any trip that would include –gasp– an airplane flight. Sure, we have been on weekend getaways before, but nothing too complicated. We just figured it wouldn’t be worth the hassle, but then I stumbled upon an article that quickly and drastically changed my mind. After reading this article about family vacations and how the experience can become a lifelong cherished memory, I knew I wanted to begin planning more family vacations. Sure we could wait another five years until the kids are older, but the truth is we don’t want to wait until the kids are older. We want to start making these family memories now! This year, we decided to take the plunge and fly the family off on a summer vacation adventure to the U.S. Virgin Islands of St. Thomas and St. John. As we began planning our family vacation I started to research several tips and suggestions on how to make our trip easier and more fun for the kids. Here are some of the tips that I found and some that we will be testing out this summer.

1. I ordered these adorable traveling backpacks for both of my kids. They come with plenty of little fun toys such as a flashlight, inflatable globe, candy necklace and a zen pillow stuffed with steel oats and lavender for relaxation. They are the perfect size for the kiddos to carry on their own and have enough room for their extras such as their dolls and tablets. Hopefully it will keep them entertained and quiet for the duration of the flight.

The Toc Travel Pack

2. I also liked the idea of dressing the kids for the special occasion in identical shirts.  Not only will they look adorable but they’ll also be easy to spot in busy airports.  These adorable citizen shirts from Tea Collection are only $22.50 and come in all sizes from 1 to 12!


3. A pair of headphones for their tablet or iPad in a fun color is a must!  I got them for as little as $22.95.  Best part is that they will keep them quiet and entertained during the flight while they play their favorite apps or watch a movie.  I’m sure the other passengers on our flight will be grateful we got these.


4. When traveling with my kids,  I always pack their outfits into Ziploc® bags.  This way they can just grab a bag when they need an outfit while still keeping everything organized.  You can also write it’s contents for reading practice or just draw symbols for younger children.  It makes my life easier and it makes them feel independent since they can dress themselves. You can also reuse the bags to store their used or wet clothing.  I found this great tip on A Girl and Her Blog along with other great suggestions.


5. This is a great site scavenger hunt printables! You can customize it to your trip and it is sure to add some family fun and quality time with your little ones.


I am so excited for our first summer vacation adventure and I know that I am going armed with some great tools to make the trip as much fun and memorable for my kids as possible. I also know that when traveling with kids you have to be prepared for anything, expect the unexpected and know that everything will take longer so give yourself some extra time to get to places. Oh and stock up on snacks. Lots and lots of snacks! We are truly looking forward to making memories together this summer on vacation.

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