Displaying and Organizing Dress-up Costumes

23 Jun Displaying and Organizing Dress-up Costumes

Having a four year old is really so much fun and can also be quite exhausting at times.  Trying to keep up with her awe-inspiring creativity and imagination always manages to keep me on my toes.  Along with that, comes her obsession with dressing up. Yes, dressing-up!  Whether it’s a princess gown or a pirate outfit, she can’t get enough of all her costumes.  However, for this mom, it’s become extremely overwhelming trying to find a place to store all of her “ensembles”, especially those expensive precious Disney princess dresses.  So, after much thinking, I got inspired and decided to get creative.  It was really quite simple, and the best part is that it’s functional and keeps those dresses in one piece, while adding a whimsical feel to her room.  Here’s the result!


Cute, right?! With just a few easy steps, you too can make this come together for your little one.  Here’s how:

1. I reused the brown tree decal she had in her nursery.  To give it an updated look, I painted it white with acrylic paint to match the rest of the princess decor.  You can get the same decal on Amazon.

oldtreeBefore (Tree in Nursery)



2. I bought white cup hooks at Home Depot and strategically placed them on the tree. I spaced them out to make sure the costumes would fit without overlapping too much.


3. To finalize the look, I added a decal and painted an old mirror using white spray paint to give it that princess feel….“Mirror, mirror on the wall” if you will.



Needless to say, my little princess loves it and so will yours!

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