Warby Parker: The New Way to Shop for Glasses


19 May Warby Parker: The New Way to Shop for Glasses

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”-Steve Jobs

by Contributor Elizabeth Lopetegui

I hope that the story I am about to share does not paint the picture of me as lazy and couch potatoish. Instead, I hope it shows that I am technologically saavy and selective about the stores I visit.

It started with the Instagram account of one of my favorite radio personalities. She posted a pic of herself wearing her adorable new Warby Parker glasses, about which she was very excited. Having been experiencing some difficulty seeing clearly, I had recently visited my own ophthalmologist who told me I would need a mild prescription (8 years after my Lasik eye surgery). For some reason, I was excited at the thought of wearing glasses again. Warby Parker seemed like a good place to start-it, felt like fate. So I went online to www.warbyparker.com to browse. I found their “Try-at-Home” option and was immediately enthralled. You mean I get to choose 5 pairs of glasses to be sent to me for me try for five days before I choose? And I don’t have to go to the LensCrafters or VisionWorks? Sign me up!

Admittedly, I was overwhelmed by all the choices. But, I found there is even a way to take your picture (#letmetakeaselfie) and see how the glasses would look before you select you 5 “Try-at-Home” pairs. Eventually, after several hours of soul searching and site stalking, I chose 5 pairs (only to find out later that I would have the option to have other glasses sent to me as often as necessary).

I ordered my 5 pairs on Thursday and they were in my grubby little hands by Monday afternoon. And I would get to keep them for 5 days! Since I work at a school, I decided my students would be the perfect judges. I tried on a pair a day–even though I had already secretly sort of already made my decision within minutes of receiving them. It was still fun to pair them up with different outfits and have friends and family cast their votes.


Interestingly, I placed my order on Wednesday afternoon, after having them only two days, although I kept the “Try-at-Home” pairs until Saturday and continued to accessorize my outfits daily. When I placed my order, I worried that I would have trouble inputting the doctor’s prescription correctly, but the process was surprisingly simple. I entered the numbers on the prescription—yes I could read the doctor’s handwriting—entered the numbers on my credit card, and voila! All done! When all was said and done, the grand total was only $95, including frames and anti-reflective lenses with UVA/UVB protection. Plus, as an added bonus, Warby Parker has a “Buy one, give one” policy; for every pair purchased, the company will donate a pair to someone in need. I mean, talk about too good to be true.

I was actually waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. I just kept expecting that something would go wrong. I didn’t think it could be that easy. But it was. That. Easy. My glasses arrived the following Monday and I have been lovingly wearing them ever since. What a happy ending!

I should mention that before placing my order and deciding to write this blog, I had questions. The representatives with whom I spoke via Live Chat were extremely helpful in addressing my concerns.

The moral of story: I have found one more way to get my needs met, without having to leave my house. Whoever said life was better when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits, has never met Warby Parker.  #isnttechnologygrand


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