Here’s What I’ve Learned About Weightloss

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27 Feb Here’s What I’ve Learned About Weightloss

I’m so excited to introduce Elizabeth Lopetegui as one of our newest guest contributors.  She’s a wife and mother of two based out of Miami, Florida.  Her passion for her children is nothing less than inspiring. Aside from that, Elizabeth is also my go to source for all knowledge.  She loves to read and is always well informed about everything. When in doubt, I go to “Lopi” (as I so lovingly call her).  Aside from her generous heart and selfless demeanor, my favorite thing about her is her sense of humor.  She and her humorous charisma will be popping in to share some of her helpful finds with us. Join me in welcoming Elizabeth with her first post.

Even though I have yet to sign my million dollar spokesperson contract with Weight Watchers, I’m still willing to expound the benefits of joining the club.  About a year and a half ago, I embarked on a journey… just kidding.  This won’t be that kind of post.  But it will be about my weight loss experience.  It was a year and a half ago that I got on the scale and thought, “This can’t be right… surely I haven’t gained 25 lbs AFTER having my baby… nah.  Dumb scale’s busted.” Then the grim reality sunk in and I knew it wasn’t the scale.  It was the thick layer of fat that had somehow appeared all over my body (could it be all of those Big Macs).

I wish I could say I was THAT woman.  The one who is comfortable in her own skin: who is happily, to quote Meghan Trainor, “Bringing BOOTY back”.  But alas, I am not.  So, I listened to the little voice in my head that whispered, “Try it.” And ignored the one that shouted, “It’s gonna be a waste of money…”  I signed up online for the “online” program (I am not the WW meeting kinda girl) without telling any of my friends or family; partly because I was afraid I’d fail, partly because I was embarrassed that I needed to join Weight Watchers.  At any rate, with the app and the website, tracking my points was incredibly simple.  After a few weeks and a few pounds lost, I became slightly addicted to the validation I received from the scale (which I began to view as my buddy instead of as that dumb busted thing).  It was so easy. So different from what I expected.  I ate. I earned my points. Done and done.

Here’s what I learned:

  • Portion control is EVERYTHING!
  • Preplan. Preplan.
  • Will. Save. Your. Life.

Skinnytaste has recipes that are low in points and actually taste good.  And (happily) starvation isn’t the answer.  Being on the program, as cliched as it sounds, changed the way I viewed food.  I learned that my favorite meal at Chili’s was about 2 days’ worth of points-sadly, I have yet to eat that meal since I discovered the news. I learned that I felt a lot worse about myself than I knew.  I learned that I need to work on loving ME, regardless of what the scale says (but that’s a post for another day…). I learned that I, for one, am happier 40 lbs. lighter than not and I enjoy seeing the looks of surprise on the faces of friends and acquaintances who haven’t seen me since before the “transformation”. I learned that now I use words like “portion control” and “transformation”.  I learned that sharing my successes is just as important as sharing my failures because both may help someone else.  Most importantly, I learned that joining Weight Watchers isn’t something about which I should be embarrassed, but rather something of which I should be proud to celebrate.

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